Community Amenities

Comm Center Whiting Field Homes Community Center

Located behind the pool, residents can access the facilities by checking out a key at the office with a deposit.

The Whiting Field Homes Community Centers offer a multitude of enjoyable features for resident enjoyment. Many LifeWorks events are held at the Community Center. Spaces within the Community Center may be rented out for private events by residents. To request to rent a room, please contact the Community Management Office.

Community Pool & Splash Park

The community pool and splash park are both located in the center of the community and is open to residents May until September between the hours of 10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm.

Community Pool Rules

  • Pool is for residents of Whiting Pines and their guests only.
  • Pool passes are required.
  • Pool hours are 10am-7pm and the pool will be closed between the hours of 2pm-3pm for maintenance and lifeguard shift change.
  • Proper swimwear is required. All non potty-trained children must wear swim diapers. The pool will be closed for sanitary reasons for improper swim attire.
  • Children under the age of 12 are not permitted in the pool area without adult supervision.
  • The splash park is only randomly attended by the lifeguard. Parents are responsible to look after their children at all times.
  • Only life vests approved by the Coast Guard will be allowed.
  • Inflatable pool toys larger than an average beach ball are not permitted.
  • The pool will be closed immediately upon attainment of thunderstorm condition 1 and/or observance of thunder or lightning as set by Whiting Field. The pool will remain closed until thunderstorm condition 1 has been cleared and 20 minutes have expired since the last thunder clap is detected.
  • Alcohol and glass containers are not allowed in pool or park area.
  • Pets are not allowed in pool or playground areas.
  • Pool capacity is 50 patrons at any one time.

Playgrounds & Athletic Facilities

Playgrounds and tot lots are located in the center of the community for resident enjoyment. Tennis courts are also available to residents as well as a 1.7 mile jogging trail.